Latest statistics show that many Californians have or are considering moving out of state.  One of the most popular destinations is Boise Idaho. Krystyna Baty Team is now providing relocation services in Boise ID. Our experience team of Boise Realtors will walk you thru the sometimes complex relocation process.  

Boise ID is enjoying some of the fastest growth in the country. Last year, it exceeded expansion expectations by nearly every metric that matters. Its population of around 220,000 grew 3.08% in 2017, more than any other major metro. Employment increased 3.58%, the second strongest growth around. Home prices, a proxy for wealth, increased 11.58%--number four in the U.S. Meanwhile, wage and the broader economic growth far outpaced national averages. Read more Boise news  here

Whether you're looking for a nice place to retire or want to provide your children with great family friendly environment combined with great outdoor activities, Boise with surrounding area are worth considering. Let us help you sell your South Bay home and buy a new home in Boise. We can make the relocation process smooth and easy! 



Watch the video below summarizing Boise attractions: